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About Buildafrique™ Partner Network

Buildafrique™ Partner Network is Mobile Affiliate and Referral program for Real Estate Products and Development Solutions. The program, which boasts over 20 real estate and development solutions products, was established by Buildafrique™ Consulting Group to fulfill the following mission:

  1. To provide socio-economic empowerment to our Referral Partner through financial incentives, as well as provide avenues for home ownership and real estate investments through the loyalty program.
  2. To provide flexible and wide reach of our real estate products and development solutions to Developers, Investors, and Prospective Home owners in line with our Mission and Vision.

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Buildafrique™ Partner Network is a Mobile Affiliate and Referral program for “End-to-End” Real Estate and Development solutions.

The program was established to create partnerships with professionals, marketers, and business persons to become marketing and referral partners for our Real Estate and Development solutions within their business network, and who in return benefit from paid commissions, bonuses, and earned loyalties.

The program is run through Mobile Application (App) platform and automated Management System: DOWNLOAD APP HERE!

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What we sell (Products)

Buildafrique™ Consulting Group specializes in offering “End-to-End” real estate investments and development solutions to Investors, Developers, and prospective Home Owners in Kenya and region. The organization boasts over 20 product solutions spread across four (4) specialized subsidiary companies under licenced and registered consultants.

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