Buildafrique™ Partner Network is Kenya first Mobile Affiliate and Referral program for “End-to-End” Real Estate and Development solutions.

The program was established to create partnerships with career persons, marketers, and business persons to become referral partners and marketers for over 20+ Real Estate and Development solutions within their business network, and who in return benefit from paid commissions, bonuses, and home-ownership incentives through the Mobile APP loyalty program.

Through this initiative, our Referral Partners are able to have alternative income options through paid commissions and bonuses, as well as have access to home-ownership avenues and other rewards through the Loyalty Program.

Through the same initiative, the organization’s real estate products and development solution services reach more people, in line with its Vision.

The program is structured to empowers the “Referral Partners” with unmatched suite of tools, information, and hands-on support to make their work easy. In this connection, the program is managed online through a Mobile Application (App) and automated Management System to allow accountability and flexibility in managing the relationship between the Company and the Referral Partner. The use of the Mobile Application platform is also supported by Training materials in the form of Videos and Flyers, which are  available under the “Resources” Menu of the Mobile App. The company also holds Training Events for those who would wish to get more information on market opportunities related to the program – see upcoming events in the EVENTS page.

The following are the three (3) simple steps on how to start using the Mobile App:

  1. Download App – available in Google Play Store – (Buildafrique Partner Network)
  2. Register through the “Register” menu in the Mobile APP, set Password, and wait for SMS confirmation.
  3. Start earning by making Customer Referrals from your business networks, social networks, and friends, for Real Estate and Development solutions, by entering “Customer-Leads” in the Mobile APP.

What is Mobile Referral Program?

Mobile Referral Program is internet-based mobile application program where the Company pays fees or reward loyalties to Referral Partners on sales generated from Customers they have referred to the Company. The reward is in the form of commissions and bonuses, but could also be in the form earned loyalties.

Referral Partner
Company pays fees to Referral Partner
Referral Partner markets products or refers customer
Customer buys products.

How to enter "Customer Referral" and how to "Redeem Earnings" in the Mobile APP